Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Volkswagen Type 1, more commonly known as the Beetle, Fusca (in Brazil and Uruguay), Coccinelle or Cox (French), Vocho (Spanish), Bug, Volky or Käfer (German), Escarabajo (beetle in Spanish), Carocha (in Portugal) is an economy car produced by the German automaker Volkswagen from 1938 until 1975. Although the names “Beetle” and “Bug” were quickly adopted by the public, it was not until August of 1967 that VW themselves began using the name Beetle in marketing materials. It had previously been known only as either the “Type I” or as the 1200 (twelve-hundred), 1300 (thirteen-hundred) or 1500 (fifteen-hundred), which had been the names under which the vehicle was marketed in Europe prior to 1967; the numbers denoted the vehicle’s engine size in cubic centimeters. In 1998, many years after the original model had been dropped from the lineup in most of the world (it continued in Mexico and a handful of other countries until 2003) VW introduced the “New Beetle” (built on a Volkswagen Golf platform), bearing a strong resemblance to the original.

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Source: Teijin Group

SYNOPSIS: Vehicle is demonstrator of firm’s advanced bio-based materials and advanced plastics.

Advanced plastics used in PU PA concept electric car.

The Teijin Group unveiled on March 30 a super-lightweight electric concept car made with proprietary materials and technologies including carbon fiber composites, polycarbonate resins and bio-derived polyester. Weighing only 437 kg, less than half that of conventional electric vehicles, the PU_PA EV (as in “pupa electric vehicle,” a reference to metamorphosis) embodies Teijin’s vision of what a vehicle will look like on the market in five to ten years.

The vehicle is being exhibited in the Teijin Mirai Studio, a showroom located in the same building as Teijin’s headquarters in Tokyo that presents the group’s leading-edge materials and technologies.

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Sunday, 18 March 2007


Cakra Bastian, mahasiswa UPN Yogya ini ternyata berkiblat ke VIP car. Hal ini terbukti dari model modifikasi mobilnya yang tampil dengan bergaya elegan tapi buat harian.

Mitsubishi Lancer SE-i keluaran 2002 ini lungsuran orang tuanya. Sebelum mengoprek Lancer ini, Kaka panggilan akrabnya ternyata sudah pernah memodifikasi Escudo dibuat ceper.

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BMW Suicidal Ekstrem Elegan,

“Awalnya sih pengen ke konsep VIP mas, tapi pas proses pembuatan jadi seperti ini, ya akhirnya kita lebih arahkan ke ekstrim elegan,” tukas Isal Khadafi, sang pemilik yang mobilnya nangkring bersama dua mobil lain di setting display unik ala Dub City pada tim Hadir dalam gelarannya di Autoblackthrough 2008 Jogja (31/5-1/6), sang mobil “BMW Suicidal Ekstrem Elegan” ini memang dipersiapkan secara perdana oleh sang pemilik untuk mengikuti ajang bergengsi di kota Pelajar Jogja.

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